He Hui Electronics Limited Company

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Company Profile

Established:    March 2004

Headquarter:  Long Tan, Xing Tan Town, Shun De, Guang Dong,  China

Size of HQ:     15000 ㎡

Employees:   490

Capital :         RMB: 30,000,000


    He Hui Electronics Co. Ltd.was founded in March 2004. Along with the development of high-tech, electronic products are towards to have a favorable price, small volume, light andultra-thin features etc. The coming of FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) take the dominance of FPC and the traditional wiring harness from the foreign developed country to the whole world.

     FFC includes larger convenience, less space, anti-bend and anti-attrition. Now, FFC widely applies to electronic products (such as: Printer, Copy machine,Electrograph, Scanner,LCD, Computer, TV, MP3, DVD, CD-ROM, Motor, Digital camera, Automobile and medical equipments etc.) The main function of FFC is to transmit super-signal.

    Our company follows the market orientation, keeps on improvement, and ensures quality with managerial methods. The former and new customers are satisfied for the excellent quality, perfect after-sale service, and favorable price. In the domestic market, we also have good public praise and high market share in electron industry.

Y2004 2004/3 He Hui Electronics Co.,Ltd was founded with 1 production line;2004/6 Gained ISO9001:2004 certification;2004/8 Increased 2 production lines; 2004/9 Applied American UL Certification.

Y2005 2005/8 Increased 3 production lines, and used ROHS.

Y2006 2006/1 Gained ISO14001:2004 certification; 2006/6 Gained ISO9001:2008; 2006/6 Awarded best OEM approval(OEM of SONY&PHILIP).

Y2007 2007/2 Increased 4 productionlines; 2007/5 Awarded Primax approval;2007/8 TW branch established; 2007/10 Awarded Liteon approval.

Y2008 2008/3 Awarded Foxconn approval; 2008/5 Awarded Funai approval; 2008/10 Increased 8 calendering machines; 2008/10 Awarded Asus /ChiGo approval.

Y2009 2009/2 Awarded Cal-compapproval; 2009/5 Awarded Flextronics  approval; 2009/7 Introduced ROHS tester; 2009/10 Introduced 1 set of TDR tester; 2009/10 Awarded Haoxin approval.

Y2010 2010/1 Moved to Long Tan industrial zone; 2010/3 Awarded Haier / Hisense approval; 2010/5 Awarded Teco approval; 2010/10 Awarded Liteon-IT approval.

Y2011 2011/3 Introduced 15 sets of laminating M/C & 14 sets of calendering M/C; Automatic punching machine; Laminating (coating Al-foil ) machine; Cutting with testing function/ Folding M/C; 2011/6 Obtained OHSAS-18000 certifications; 2011/7 Awarded Chang Hong(SC) approval.

Y2012 2012/9 Awarded TSST approval; 2012/10 Awarded Sharp Approval;  Added 2 sets of CCD tester; Added 2 sets of auto punchingM/C.

Y2013 Added 2 sets of laminating M/C which researched by ourselves; Added 2 sets of CCD tester. Added 3 sets of  auto punching M/C; Added 2 sets of auto cuttingM/C.

Y2014  Added 4 sets of CCD tester; Added 7 sets of  auto punching M/C; Added 8 sets of  auto cutting M/C; 2014/3 Awarded ISO/TS16949.

2014/6 Awarded Wistron approval; Added 2 sets of Laminating M/C(coating Al-foil);

Y2015 Added 4 sets of CCD tester; Added 6 sets of  auto punching M/C; Added 12 sets of high-speedauto cutting M/C; Added 2 sets of Laminating M/C; Added 3 sets of coating M/C(for coating Al-foil& D92 ); Awarded Sharp& Lexmark approval.

Y2016 2016/06 All workshops already changed to dust-free rooms; 2016/08 Awarded Samsung approval; 2016/09 Awarded National High-Tech approval; 2016/10 Added 3 sets of Auto-Coating Al-foil M/C.

Y2017 Added 2 sets of laminating machine; Added 2 sets of auto punching M/C; Added 2 sets of auto coating M/C(for sticking double-side tape ).


TEL:(86)  0757- 27684828    FAX:(86)0757-27682878   
Add: Long Tan Industrial Zone,  Xing Tan Town,  Shun De Area, Fo Shan City, Guang Dong,  China